Te Wharepora Hou – about us

Te Wharepora Hou is a collective of wāhine Māori/indigenous women of Aotearoa (New Zealand). We are based mainly in the Auckland region but also have strong participation from wāhine living elsewhere in Aotearoa and the world.

Our collective strives to be a pro-active wahine voice on relevant issues and through any channels available to us. Our primary concern is the wellbeing of whānau, hapū, iwi and our planet. We reflect on our responsibility to protect Papatūānuku and to sustain our living systems.

We see ourselves as part of a global indigenous network particularly of women who are reasserting the place of women as leaders of change. We speak on a platform of indigenous solidarity worldwide.

Te Wharepora Hou member Marama Davidson also blogs at The Daily Blog here.

21 thoughts on “Te Wharepora Hou – about us”

  1. Kia ora. I am an akonga of Te Wananga o Aetearoa and would like to seek permission to copy the “Precious Clark delivers a karanga for the RWC opening ceremony image” I will be using it to my PowerPoint presentation because we were fortunate to learn the Tikanga – Maori about roles and responsibilities on the Marae prior to this wonderful event and I cherish every moments and fond memories of this event. Hope you will grant my request. Thank you.

  2. Kia ora rā wāhine mā, I have enjoyed reading the posts and as a wahine who is a little shy of writing I admire the prose and the thoughtful contributions. It can all get a little overwhelming with all the social media contributions discussing Māori and world-wide indigenous issues…from Food Sovereignty to People Sovereignty, from the depths of human depravity and ignorance to inspiring examples of humanity . Te Wharepora Hou is a space to drop by and read balanced thinking from like minded wahine. Ngā mihi.

    1. Kia ora Kate! Thank you for that feeback. Marama Davidson here.

      We are just wahine, myself also sometimes shy, who have chosen to put our whakaaro out there, for whatever it is worth. I too can often feel overhwlemed by the motorway of thought out there. We didn’t feel there was enough wahine voice in that mix – although I personally acknowledge the outstanding wahine contributions and voices that have long been shouting before now. But we also know that we have to shout harder because the world and power structures will tend to ignore us.

      So your feedback is motivating and helpful for us to keep doing what we do – which isn’t actually that much. But merely is to be another voice in the plethora of thoughts.

      Marama Davidson

  3. Te Māuri o Ngā Mea o Te Wahine … Hei Oranga … Enjoyed reading Te Whare Pora hou tahuhu tangata, and the several comments and posts from Wahine o Ngā Hau e Wha … Kua pai te rerenga kōrero nā Mera Penehira, ara … ‘Appreciating Struggle’. Kai Maia e ngā Wahine rangatira ma … kaati nei ra aku kōrero …
    Ka Ora Te Wahine – Puapua …
    Ka Ora Te Whanau – Pūāwai …
    Ka Ora Te Hapū – Pūawānanga …
    Ka Ora Te Iwi – Pūrotu …!

  4. tansi .. could someone contact me so that we can connect with your group? I’m one of the founders of Idle No More. Thank you.

  5. I would like to be involved with a collective of wahine toa, to learn and share and help advance the rights of wahine maori everywhere. I am based in Bangkok and work for the regional membership base of sex workers. I regularly liaise with UN Agencies who co-sponsor the Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS and would like to use this entry point as an opportunity to advocate for our rights as tangata whenua. Kia Ora.

  6. Aloha, e kala mai, I am not a wahine but I would just like to share my mahalo for each of you leading/paving the way for our wahine to stand as you all do… Mahalo Nui!! From a daddy that believes one day the time shall come when my baby girl of 5 now shall also STAND( ; Aloha, malama pono( ;

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