More activism needed

Marama Davidson
Marama Davidson

Please go to TheDailyBlog here for Marama Davidson’s post on inspiring more activism.

“We all have a responsibility to be politically active.

There – I said it. But the definition for being political is wide ranging. How people manifest their political action is up to them. For me it is simply making that conscious link between our personal lives to the political agenda of the day. From the breakfast we get to eat (or don’t), to the level of comfort (or not) that get we lay our heads on every night. As people have said, there is no longer the luxury of not being an activist of your own making. A new world is coming that will either suffocate us or revive us – it is up to us to make the new world a working one.”


Citizen A Television – Cronyism, Marriage Equality and government GCSB spying

citizen AMarama Davidson, Martyn Bradbury and Julie Fairey speak to:

.the appointments of Commissioners to the Human Rights Commission
.Marriage Equality
.Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) seeking to extend it’s powers of spying

You an watch the 27 minute clip here.

Race Relations Commissioner out of her depth?

Marama Davidson
Marama Davidson

Please go to the link below for my blog on the Race Relations Commissioner Susan Devoy failing to do her job in speaking out against the racism that visiting Dane MP incited with her racist comments towards Maori culture.

You can read the blog courtesy of TheDailyBlog – here.

“Annette Sykes is a stupid person” says Judith Collins

Marama Davidson
Marama Davidson

Please go to the link below for my post on Judith Collins calling Annette Sykes ‘a stupid person’ over the appointment of Susan Devoy to Race Relations Commissioner. Reblogged courtesy of TheDailyBlog.

You can read the blog here.