Children and Protest Marches

923051_10201081019010088_2114128495_n“She was merely an onlooker and declared that I should not have brought my four year old daughter with me because it was too ‘noisy and scary’ for her. “You think this is bad!” I jolted. “You should see how scared she gets when I lie her down under the house-moving truck.””

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More activism needed

Marama Davidson
Marama Davidson

Please go to TheDailyBlog here for Marama Davidson’s post on inspiring more activism.

“We all have a responsibility to be politically active.

There – I said it. But the definition for being political is wide ranging. How people manifest their political action is up to them. For me it is simply making that conscious link between our personal lives to the political agenda of the day. From the breakfast we get to eat (or don’t), to the level of comfort (or not) that get we lay our heads on every night. As people have said, there is no longer the luxury of not being an activist of your own making. A new world is coming that will either suffocate us or revive us – it is up to us to make the new world a working one.”