Love for Parihaka


Bear in mind
We are still digging you out of our tucked away memories
a knowledge glazed over
by the brush stroke of civilisation

Tupuna deeds
from that time of Parihaka Power
are actions guiding a story
of sassy intelligent resistance
to settle the chronicles
in the genetic waters of Parihaka progeny

Now let’s the rest of us
pick up our hoe
push through those Parihaka waterways
smashing the flow of miseducation
so all our nations mokopuna
can recall Te Whiti and Tohu Kakahi…

with the might and bang of a firecracker!

Marama Davidson
05 November 2012

Author: Te Wharepora Hou

Te Wharepora Hou is a collective of wāhine who are mainly Tāmaki Makaurau based, but we have strong participation from wāhine based elsewhere in Aotearoa and the world. We have come together to ensure a stronger voice for wāhine and are concerned primarily with the wellbeing of whānau, hapū, iwi and all that pertains to Papatūānuku and the sustenance of our people.

5 thoughts on “Love for Parihaka”

  1. Ataahua e hoa, as always.

    Beautiful day today at the pa, commemorating 132 years (and two days) since the beginning of Te Paahua. The future is looking ripe though with town planning underway for lots more of our people to return to a beautiful sustainable, self-sufficient papakainga. Our friends are busy pushing for the Parihaka Day and our tatarakihi are up on the big screen telling their story across the world…

  2. I think we need a three day National holiday to celebrate Parihaka. A national day of reflection, a national day of remembrance and a national day of reconciliation.

    I have only been to Parihaka once, and loved it. As a child I grew up in Dunedin and we lived near Andersons bay and I use to regularly play in the caves which held the more troublesome Parihaka prisoners. These have been closed off now, and you can find a small memorial hidden under some bushes explaining what the caves are. Also when I went to visit my Grand parents as a child – they live on the sight of one of the guard houses for the prisons – that was a odd house.

    Also please Ms Davidson – If you get the chance could you please put on line the speech you gave on Sat 16th Nov at Myers park. I enjoyed it and would like to read/hear it again.

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