Citizen A television – Marama Davidson speaks on Maori women’s voices being discredited


At 25:40 in this You Tube link here Marama wraps up Citizen A with her final word. She refers to the situation of Willie Jackson labelling Labour Party Maori women as sellouts for not supporting Shane Jones in his leadership bid.

More on this is mentioned in her blog here.



Other issues discussed on the show with Martyn Bradbury and Colin Craig are:

1: What does the Chorus, SkyCity and Rio Tinto deals tell us about the nature of the business environment in NZ?

2: John Key claims Cunliffe will take Labour to the far left. Does John know what the words ‘far’ and ‘left’ mean?

3: How are private military charter schools the solution to our underperforming education stats?

Māori women’s voices in politics – protecting our environment and our people

Marama with Dame Nganeko Minhinnick (middle) and Mary-ann Harris at Nganeko's investiture ceremony.
Marama with Dame Nganeko Minhinnick (middle) and
Mary-ann Harris at Nganeko’s investiture ceremony.

“Today I am a Māori woman carving out a space to reflect on our unique relationship with Papatūānuku and our roles as kaitiaki and defenders of our lands, seas and people. This discussion throws a light on how the voices of wāhine are held in certain political arenas and what this means for Aotearoa as we ponder our economic, social, environmental and cultural future.”

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