Dr Mera Penehira and Suicide Prevention – Te Karere interview


Dr Mera Penehira talks to our historical trauma and injustice as an issue that needs to be acknowledged in rectifying the high rates of suicide for Maori. You can watch the interview here.

Mera will also be speaking at the National Conference on Suicide Prevention on World Suicide Prevention Day. Conference details and registration here.

Protest against welfare reforms – Marama Davidson addressing Paula Bennett meeting

Marama - crop brick wall

4:15 minute korero from Marama at protest against Minister Paula Bennett’s welfare reforms outside her Henderson office. Filmed on 15 August 2013. Watch here.

Children and Protest Marches

923051_10201081019010088_2114128495_n“She was merely an onlooker and declared that I should not have brought my four year old daughter with me because it was too ‘noisy and scary’ for her. “You think this is bad!” I jolted. “You should see how scared she gets when I lie her down under the house-moving truck.””

You can read this blog from Marama Davidson here.

Marama Davidson on State spying laws – Auckland Town Hall public meeting to Stop the GCSB

Marama Davidson gives an overview of colonial abuse of State spying and surveillance and was one of 12 speakers in a Coalition to Stop the GCSB Bill. Her speech starts at 53 minutes here1184824_637422929614022_1705681326_n.

The Coalition to Stop the GCSB Bill organised a powerful line-up of speakers for this public meeting in front of a packed Auckland Town Hall (over 1600 people) and tens of thousands of online viewers — each speaker explaining why this GCSB Bill is bad for our country.

Speakers in order are:

Dr Rodney Harrison QC (lawyer)
Kim Dotcom (the most high profile victim of illegal GCSB spying)
Jon Stephenson (journalist and war correspondent)
Seeby Woodhouse (Founder of Orcon ISP and 2004 NZ Young Entrepreneur of the Year)
Helen Kelly (CTU President)
Professor Jane Kelsey (Law Faculty Auckland University)
Marama Davidson (Social Justice advocate and political commentator)
David Shearer (Labour Party Leader)
Russel Norman (Green Party Leader)
Winston Peters (NZ First leader)
Hone Harawira (Mana Party Leader)
Nicky Hagar (investigative journalist)