Women and Global movements – Occupy Savvy interviews Marama Davidson

Women and global movements – Occupy Savvy interviews Marama Davidson

Marama Davidson
Marama Davidson

Please go to the above link where Occupy Savvy interviews Marama Davidson around global movements and the role of women in them.

“In the Occupy Movement in Aotearoa, my small contribution was merely to speak up as a Māori woman and for our group Te Wharepora Hou (TWH). TWH is a group of wāhine Māori who support each other to use our voices collectively and individually as we feel the need to. The imperative to speak up recognises that for too long there has been a silencing of the diverse voices and opinions of Māori women, in spite of the incredible staunch wāhine that have been instrumental to positive change in our communities and our nation. Our purpose is to have a say on all issues that impact on the well-being of whānau (family), hapū (extended family) and iwi (tribes) and our natural living system. By this standard we could provide a critique on every issue under the sun and moon but we do what we can when we can. We do not claim to have any mandate to speak on behalf of all Māori but we surely claim our voices as Māori women, as mothers, as grandmothers and as members of our respective whānau, hapū and iwi.”

Aotearoa responsibilities around indigenous rights – Idle No More

Aotearoa responsibilities around indigenous rights: “Idle No More”IMG_3608

Please go to the above link for my post on indigenous rights at The Daily Blog.

Interview with Marama Davidson – Visions for a better world

Marama-Davidson-180Interview with Marama Davidson – Visions for a better world

Thanks Aindriu Macfehin for capturing this 9 minute interview in the link above. It is a discussion around my role as a social justice advocate with the following questions:

“What has led you to be doing the work you are doing?”
I talk about growing up with activist parents.

“Describe your perfect world.”
I talk about the concepts of ownership and sharing.

Big questions.
This was part of an exhibition work that Aindriu did for his Fine Arts work.