Sensual Wahine

Artwork by Robyn Kahukiwa
Artwork by Robyn Kahukiwa
Matariki time of plenty, My curves are my bounty

My plentiful salute to all wahine, Sensual beings

Matariki time of harvest, Political potency abounds
Seize potency, Own it!
Take it to other realms

Wahine ma
How do you manifest that passion from around us?
A brand new Matariki year, Can your body be joyous?
Can you confidently spit back in disgust at misogyny
Instead hail your own wairua, your own flesh, your integrity

Integrity to delight in your self as a beauty

Beauteous mind, breasts are luscious, beauteous heart, thighs are fleshy, beauteous intellect, hips are curvy, beauteous soul, My Lips –
are just the beginning of this wondrous journey

This is no prose about who you might lay with
No this is to say, know yourself – your own pleasures

Sensual identity – you own it, you shape it, you define it, then live it!
Tino Rangatiratanga, Mana Motuhake, Mana Wahine
Connect it all in you, Hold it dearly and deliciously

Matariki a time to savour – whakanuia!
Staunch and raunchy
Don’t do it half-hearted, slapstick, or suspiciously

Move over Sonnet 18
My obligation to my father sees me salute that Bard handsomely
We need also ourselves
To say “let us live lusciously”

Express your pain, your fear, your anger, your regret
Then tukua! Kia tere!
There are sweet pleasures to get!

Release all historical trauma inside you
Burden no more, the whakapapa within you
Gift to daughters, granddaughters and uri to come
A shit-hot sense of self

A self that finds wondrous
Any mountainous – heaving
A self that engages insane realms of being

Insane when you celebrate your own sweet ability
Being with anyone else after that?
A bonus in actuality

But a bonus we lust for I understand that completely
Whether you lay with woman, man, one of each? Or plenty?

Matariki, cultivate sense of joy then go boldly

Shots to our Seven Sisters, Pleiades, Matariki –our ladies
They know just where we should be
High in the sky truth and climax fly free!

And to end with the good stuff

I’m my own beauty first – then I’ll close my eyes with you
I’m my own beauty first – then I’ll excitedly tease you
I’m my own beauty first – then I’ll wholeheartedly arouse you
I’m my own beauty first – then I’ll totally receive you

Say this to your soul sensual wahine
I’m my own beauty first – so then if I choose to…

Written by Marama Davidson
Wahine image artwork courtesy of Robyn Kahukiwa – nga mihi.